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Bash – Debugging

Debuging A Bash Script

Bash scripting provides an option to debug your script at runtime. You using “set -xv” command inside shell script or using -xv on command line while executing script.


$ bash -xv script.sh

Example – Enable Debug in Script

You can enable debug mode by adding set -xv option inside a shell script. This is useful to enable debugging for some part of the script.


set -xv   # this line will enable debug

cd /var/log/
for i in "*.log"; do
 du -sh $i

Now execute the script, You will found result like

$ ./script.sh


cd /var/log/
+ cd /var/log/
for i in "*.log"; do
 du -sh $i
+ for i in '"*.log"'
+ du -sh boot.log mysqld.log post111.log post1121.log yum.log
0       boot.log
32K     mysqld.log
0       post111.log
0       post1121.log
4.0K    yum.log

Example – Enable Debugging Run Time

You can enable debug at script run time using -xv option. For example

$ bash -xv script.sh
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