C Hello World Program

This is simple C program to display “Hello, World!” on the output screen. This helps you understand the very basic syntax of a C program. C Hello World Program The printf() is used to inbuild library function defined in stdio.h header. It is used to display output on the screen.

Output Hello World!

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Node.js – Hello World Example

You can run Node.js application an console based or web-based application. Console based application will run your system terminal and a web-based application will use an inbuilt web server to make an application accessible on the web browser. Console-based Hello World Example Use the Node.js console module to print output on your system console. Create a JavaScript file nodejs_hello_console.js using the below content.

Execute your script using the node node nodejs_hello_console.js [output] Hello World! Web-based Hello World Example A Node.js web application is build with 3 parts. Import module…

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