MySQL – Drop Table

Use DROP TABLE statement to delete any existing table in MySQL database. This deletes all table data and structure both. Syntax: DROP TABLEtable_name; Example – MySQL Drop Table For example, I have table users in the database. I need to remove its data completely with structure. Login to your MySQL server and select database. Now execute below query to remove the database. DROP TABLE users;

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MySQL – Truncate Table

Use MySQL TRUNCATE TABLE statement to delete all table content. This doesn’t remote table structure. The truncate table also reset the auto increment values. Syntax: TRUNCATE TABLE table_name MySQL Truncate Table Statement For example to remove all data from table named users use following command. You must select database first before running below command.

Example – MySQL Truncate Table For example, I have a table named users with following records in a database. First, check the available data in the table. After that truncate table and again check.

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MySQL – Create Table

Use CREATE TABLE statement to create a new table in MySQL database. You must create and select a database to create tables in it. Syntax: CREATE TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] table_name ( coloumn1, coloumn2 ) engine=table_type; Here [IF NOT EXISTS] is used to create table only if there are no existing table with the name. The database engine can be used as per your requirements. A column can be defined as following. column_name data_type[size] [NOT NULL|NULL] [DEFAULT value] [AUTO_INCREMENT], Example: For example, create table users to store information of our…

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