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What is Linux

Intoduction to Linux

Linux is an opensource operating system, Similar to any other operating systems like Windows, MAC etc. An operating system is a program which manages the communication between user software and hardware.

There are following major parts in a Linux system:

kernel –

A Linux Kernel is the core of any operating system, which directly interacts with the hardware. It manages all the system resources like “Memory”, “CPU”, “Processes” and Attached peripheral devices to the system.

Bootloader –

The Bootloader also called Boot Manager. A program that handles the boot process for any Linux computer. It loads the operating system from the storage device to memory.

Shell –

A shell is a command line interpreter, which provides the directly interacts users via standard input devices like a keyboard.

Daemons –

These the services which did the specific tasks like a Web server, printing service etc. Generally, daemons start with the operating system and keep running till the system shutdown.

Desktop Environment –

These provide the Graphical interface of a shell to users to work. This is Similar to Windows desktop environment.

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